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Hedgehog Igloo hedgehog home made from waterproof brushwood and felt roof. With stainless-steel inner frame. L59cm x H22cm x diameter 53cm.

Pack Contents: 1x Hedgehog Igloo Shelter


Attract hedgehogs to your garden and provide a safe place for them to shelter and offer protection from predators such as domestic pets and other garden hazards, as well as being a safe place to hibernate.

This igloo has been specially designed with a small entrance tunnel allowing the hedgehogs to access the igloo but keeping predators such as badgers at bay. The interior of the igloo is spacious allowing it to accommodate families of hedgehogs and hoglets.

Hedgehogs offer natural pest control in and will eat the gardener’s foe, the slug as well as many more pests which destroy your crops.

Made from natural materials the igloo has a steel frame with a felted water proof roof covered with a brush wood finish with rattan bands it blends into your garden easily offering protection for the hedgehogs.

In autumn and spring place your igloo out of prevailing wind with some cover such as under a hedgerow, pile with leaves to camouflage the igloo and in winter additional brushwood will help to insulate the igloo whilst they are hibernating over the winter.

See blog at Marshalls sister company Birds & Bees about jobs you can do in the garden to help wildlife in autumn.

It is also advisable to add dry grass or leaves inside to be used as nesting material. The igloo can also be anchored to the ground if exposed to wind or predators.

Dimensions 22 x 59 x 53 cm