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This Kent and Stowe Twine is durable and strong, ideal for tying back stems to plant supports as well as many other home and garden uses. It is approximately 80m therefore will last throughout seasons. The jute is soft enough not to damage delicate young seedlings.

Pack Contents: 1x 80m Roll of Twine


This Kent & Stowe top-quality three-ply strength twine is a must for your accessory drawer. Handy for tying jobs on the allotment and in the garden and useful for household jobs too including wrapping presents and keeping keys together.
  • 3 ply twine
  • 100% biodegradable
  • L 80m, 100g (approx)

Outside this natural-look strong twine makes great ties, linking stems onto trellis and other supports like stakes. Handy for runner beans plants and other climbing crops so your harvests are good and accessible at waist height. The jute is soft enough not to damage delicate young seedlings making it perfect for tying up plants, fruit and vegetable plants and flowers.

This string keeps stems of your favourite tall flowers upright too. Tie individual stems to stakes or consider wrapping a loop of string around a number of stems to keep the whole plant growing neat and upright and without flopping over.