King Size Victorian Bell Cloche


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Increase the chances and range of your crops with these great-value protective bell-jar cloches with impressive 40cm (16in) diameter. Made from plastic with glass-appearance these bells are functional, warm the soil up quicker and keep slugs.

Pack Contents: 2x King Sized Bell Cloches

Size: Diameter:40cm x H:31cm


  • With added roof-vent
  • Pre-set holes for pinning to the soil
  • Creates a beneficial greenhouse environment
  • Reuse again and again
  • Ideal for cauliflowers, cabbages and young courgettes

Protection from weather and protection from garden pests.

Like the glass cloches of the Victorian era, this duo pack of bell jars is equally efficient in warming up the soil for earlier harvests and protecting your crops from slugs and other garden pests. It also encourages an ambient environment that makes use of optimum sunlight for quick and strong growth.

These bell-jar cloches are equally effective as glass but less heavy, less breakable and less expensive. Your bell-jar cloches harness the most light thanks to the rounded bell design that captures to greatest amount of sun. Just place them over individual brassicas or young shrubby plants and fix them into the soil with metal pegs through the pre-set holes.

Ideal for placing over large brassicas and ornamental bedding to protect them from a late frost or sudden storm. In winter, these bell-jars are perfect for offering protection from slugs on winter brassicas and Oriental winter salads. You can easily lift off the bell-jars by removing the pegs when you need to water or feed your plants.

Useful tip:

Your plants are still able to appreciate a healthy air flow even when covered thanks to the manual roof-vents you can open and close in an instant.