Peckish Secret Garden Nyjer Seed Feeder



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Our new Secret Garden Nyger Seed Feeder. Four ports positioned around your nyger feeder feed four hungry goldfinches at any one time meaning you can sate a whole flock of musical and colourful goldfinches daily just from this one feeder.

Pack Contents: 1x nyger seed feeder


  • Decorative design
  • Antique finish
  • Slim ports to prevent loss of seeds
  • Circular perch allows more birds to feed at once

Encourage more birds to visit your garden with the Peckish Secret Garden Nyjer Seed Feeder. With four ports positioned around the feeder, you can feed four hungry goldfinches at any one time. The large circular, metal loop can easily be hung on tree branches, dining stations or on hooks to suspend.

The enclosed central case keeps the nyjer seed fresh and disease-free which is vital for the health of the garden birds.

The easy to remove lid makes refilling and cleaning the feeder easier. 

Height: 26cm whole feeder, 20cm central casing

Diameter: 13cm lid and tray, 7cm central casing