Peckish Small Bird Feeder



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Peckish Small Bird Feeder with central hopper and entry ports perfect for small garden birds that perch. Transparent central chamber H5.5cm x 26.5cm diameter

Pack Contents: 1x peckish small bird feeder


  • Attractive ‘UFO’ design
  • Small entry ports designed to attract small garden birds
  • Click top lid for easy filling and cleaning
  • Attracts colourful and musical robins and songbirds
  • Size: 25cm (10in) diameter

Unique and stylish, the Peckish Small Bird feeder attracts small and colourful birds to the garden. The feeder has been specially designed with small entrance holes so only small birds can access the food. It's great for keeping out squirrels as well as larger birds. The feeder features a wide easy to open lid to make refilling and cleaning easier.