Peckish Small Bird Feeder



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Peckish Small Bird Feeder with central hopper and entry ports perfect for small garden birds that perch. Transparent central chamber H5.5cm x 26.5cm diameter

Pack Contents: 1x peckish small bird feeder


  • Rare and attractive ‘UFO’ design
  • Easy to fill and to clean
  • Beautiful British birds flock to your feeder

This clear feeder is just the ticket when you want to attract UK wildlife at its best; small and colourful birds such as blue tits visit your garden and you can happily watch them feed providing lots of entertainment.

We recommend that you hang up on a hanging-basket bracket around 6 1/2 - 10ft (2-3m) high. This is the perfect height for the flight paths of garden birds like finches and tits.

Small entrance holes around the weatherproof central feeder is just right for bringing in small and colourful birds while keeping larger birds away such as magpies or woodpigeons. It’s an excellent squirrel proof feeder too.

Constructed with an outer-shell small garden birds have a sheltered port. Your food remains fresher for longer and the birds stay dry so they can feed comfortably, even when it’s raining outdoors, without getting cold and wet.

The wide click-top lid makes filling and cleaning a piece of cake so you can keep a healthy and hygienic feeder with fresh seed mix.

Dimensions: 12in (30cm) diameter.