Westland Bonsai Feed Concentrate 200ml



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A liquid concentrate feed for strong growth and healthy roots from your favourite bonsai specimens.

Pack Contents: 1x 200ml Bottle


  • Perfect easy-to-apply liquid concentrate feed for your bonsai plants
  • Balanced formula for the healthiest of roots, trunks and stems
  • Easy-to-use squeezy doser for accurate feed doses
  • 200ml bottle

Enjoy the rewards of raising your own bonsai plants – miniature trees and shrubs that enhance work-tops, the home and even outdoors on the patio over the summer.

Treat your bonsai to this balanced concentrate on every second watering in spring and summer and when you notice your trees come into fresh leaf bud.

Because it’s a balanced formula all your roots, your stems and the active trunk are treated to the nutrients of nitrogen, potash and potassium that they need to grow and thrive in the restricted soil environment.

Useful Tip:

Grow bonsai with some initial care they tend to look after themselves thereafter. Spray mist your bonsai plants every day in spring and summer when in active growth and treat to some fresh air as the season improves in summer. Keep indoors overnight over winter somewhere cool and place outdoors on sunny days. Repot your plants when they outgrow your pots or trays.