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Yearn for that emerald-green thick and lush lawn? Here’s the answer. Easy-to-apply, 400sqm lawncare solution to give you a luxurious lawn of your own.

Pack Contents: 1x 400sqm Box


Easy-to-apply complete lawncare solution to give you that thick and lush lawn that offsets your flower borders and container displays perfectly. Child- and pet-friendly you’re safe in the knowledge they have a reliable and safe area to play on. Covering lawns of 4310 square foot (400m²)

It’s a 100% natural organic fertiliser that breaks down in the existing soil to really feed the roots. This creates a healthy and strong lawn with grass that tightly knits together to form a natural plush carpet.

The fertiliser formula prevents pesky weeds and moss from getting an unwelcome hold as the grass you desire is so strong and robust there’s no room for weeds and moss to appear.

It nourishes your lawn, greening it up within a week and then continues to feed as it naturally breaks down. It helps grass grow and out-compete moss and weeds. It contains special friendly bacteria which converts dead moss and thatch to nutrients to feed the grass.

With added grass seed it’s a great solution when you have bare patches on the lawn that you wish to fill with healthy grass to complete your green carpet.

Box of Complete Lawncare Solution stores well in a dry cool area like a garage or basement.

Covers: 4310 square foot (400m²)