How to Remove
Moss from your Lawn

Most gardeners have trouble with moss on their lawns. Even though your mossy lawn might look strong and healthy, if left untreated the moss can take over.

Here’s our guide on how to remove moss from your lawn.

When to remove Moss

It’s best to remove moss during autumn and spring. During autumn, your lawn is still recovering from the heavy usage that it endured over the summer months. To help maintain the health of your lawn and to ensure it survives through the winter, removing moss at this stage will help to prevent a bigger problem in the future.

Removing moss in spring will also help to prepare the lawn for the growing season, whilst making it more resilient in preparation for the summer months.

How to Remove Moss

We recommend using the following products to remove moss from your lawn.

Aftercut Ultra Green Plus

Aftercut Ultra Green Plus is great for preventing moss in your lawn without the fear of scorching. Once the product has been watered in, the water management technology in the fertiliser releases moisture deep into the soil. As moss roots sit beneath the soil surface the water becomes unavailable and dehydrates the moss causing it to dry out. That’s why moss can easily be pulled out of the ground.

The added lawn feed helps to strengthen and encourage the grass to grow stronger and thicker and promises to achieve greener grass in just 3 days (when the pack instructions are followed). The benefit of having a stronger, thicker lawn is that it helps create a crowded environment for the moss, therefore eliminating its ability to grow.

Finally, using Aftercut Ultra Green Plus will make your lawn more durable and resistant to stress during spring and summer, and helps to withstand drought.

Westland Moss Master

Westland Moss Master is a natural moss remover and lawn feed that requires no raking. Its no-staining and no-blackening formula naturally removes moss whilst feeding your lawn. The friendly bacteria in the product converts dead moss and thatch into an organic lawn feed.

The feed then provides essential nutrients to enhance lawn and root health, creating a stronger, thicker and healthier lawn. The product is safe to use around children, pets and wildlife, making it a suitable product to use on family lawns.

Westland Lawn Sand

Westland Lawn Sand is a traditional moss treatment loved by experienced gardeners. It’s best used to control moss in established lawns. Apply when moss is actively growing and see results in days. The combination of Iron and Nitrogen will feed and green the grass whilst encouraging growth, creating a healthier lawn.

How to Repair your Lawn once Moss has been Removed

It’s important to know that if you kill the moss in your lawn, you’ll be left with brown patches. Don’t let this worry you though; you’ll just need to re-seed your lawn to fill in any bare areas. By growing new, healthy grass seed over these patches, it’ll help to prevent them from being overcrowded by moss again.

Gro-Sure Smart Patch Repair

Gro-Sure Smart Patch Repair is perfect for filling in any bare patches. The aqua gel technology and water-retaining granules lock in essential nutrients and water for guaranteed germination results.

How to Prevent Moss from Re-appearing

Moss is caused by a combination of moisture in your lawn and poor growing conditions. Moss needs moisture to spread, so you are more likely to suffer from a moss problem in tough, shady areas or during wetter seasons like spring and autumn.

To prevent moss from appearing, follow these simple steps:

  • Feed your lawn once a month. For beautiful results use Westland SafeLawn; a natural, child and pet-friendly lawn feed
  • To prevent shade on your lawn, thin out any overhanging tree branches
  • Use Gro-Sure Smart Patch Repair to re-seed any bare lawn patches.

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