How to Grow

Tender Geraniums

How to Grow Tender Geraniums (Pelargoniums)

Tender geraniums (pelargoniums) are a fabulous splash of colour in summer, flowering for
months on end in pots, window boxes, hanging baskets and flower beds. Easy to grow and
drought-tolerant, they’re perfect for busy gardeners and ideal for small spaces. Get the best
from your geraniums with our simple growing guide.

    When your plants arrive

  • Unpack the plants immediately and check the compost to ensure it has not dried out in
    transit. Water with a fine spray, or sit the plants in a tray of shallow water if the compost is
  • Pot on as soon as possible (preferably within 24 hours) after they have had time to settle.

Potting on and planting out

  • Handle each plant by the plug root ball, rather than the stem to avoid damage.
    Pot each plug into a 7.5cm (3in) pot using a good multi-purpose compost.
    Grow on for a few weeks in a greenhouse or a bright, frost-free place, but avoid
    direct sunlight.
  • Keep moist but do not over-water. If very cold weather is forecast, cover with a layer
    of fleece.
  • Harden off your plants before planting them out by placing the pots outside during
    the day and bringing them back in at night. After 7-10 days, the plants will be ready
    to plant out

How to care for geraniums

  • Plant in a sunny spot in well-drained soil. If planting in pots or hanging baskets, use a
    multi-purpose compost.
  • Geraniums are drought-tolerant and don’t like sitting with their roots in wet
    compost, so don’t overwater them.
  • Apply a balanced liquid feed fortnightly until the flowers appear, then feed
    fortnightly with high potash feed such as tomato food.
  • Deadhead faded flowers regularly. This encourages the plant to keep flowering and
    also reduces the risk of fungal disease botrytis in wet weather.

How to protect geraniums over winter

  • Move plants into a greenhouse or place on a sunny windowsill before the first frosts.
    To save space, the plants can be cut back to 10cm (4in) high.
  • Reduce feeding to once a month in autumn, and feed sparingly or not at all in winter.
    Water plants that are still in growth very sparingly in winter – plants that have been
    cut back will need practically no watering through winter
  • In spring, harden the plants off before moving them back outside once frosts are
    over, in late May or early June.

Geranium Seedlings

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Geranium Garden Ready

Pests and diseases

Geraniums may be prone to the following pests and diseases. Read more about how to
control common plant pests and diseases here.

  • Pests
  • Vine weevil larvae (especially container-grown plants)
  • Aphids


  • Grey mould
  • Rust