Aerobin Hot Composter 200 Ltr


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The Aerobin 200 Ltr hot composter uses the natural process of aerobic composting to produce high quality compost from garden and kitchen waste. Features a modern and attractive design. Reduce your landfill waste production.

Pack Contents: 1 x 200 Ltr Aerobin


  • Efficiently turns food and green waste into compost.
  • Accelerates the composting process.
  • Works throughout the year.
  • Attractive modern design.

The Aerobin creates the ideal environment for highly efficient, healthy aerobic composting throughout 12 months of the year. Featuring an attractive, modern design the composter looks great in any garden.

Using a home composter will reduce the amount of waste that your household sends to landfill or incineration which helps our planet's environment.

To start the composting process it’s best to add a 50mm layer of compost in the base of the Aerobin.

The natural process of aerobic (hot) compost uses healthy decomposer micro-organisms. These organisms require both food (from carbon & nitrogen), air and water. Once there is the correct balance of these elements compost is produced very quickly.

Compost should start to form on the base of the Aerobin in as little 8-12 weeks from starting.

Fantastic for garden and is most effective when at least half-filled. Ensure woody material is shredded or mulched before adding.

Aerobin is vermin resistant.

Manufactured from 100% virgin polymer.

Aerobin 200 Ltr dimensions – Height: 117.5cm, Width: 51cm & Depth: 51cm.