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Bacopa 'Megacopa Collection' - 6 Super Plugs


Catalogue Code: 5120-1543

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NEW for 2022. This new series of Bacopa is lighting the industry up. Bacopa have become a real summer garden favourite due to their shear flower power, summer long flowering, even well into the autumn, ease of care and now selection of colours. They produce a mass of flowers all season long and look stunning in baskets or containers either as the main feature or mixed with other plants in a mixed display due to their versatility. The improvements that this new range has offered is even better and bigger flowers than most other forms, great summer heat tolerance and excellent self branching allowing it to fill the pots quicker and easier and therefore produce more flowers along the stems.

Key Features

  • Perfect for pots and containers
  • Great in hanging baskets
  • Loved by pollinators
  • Prefers full sun
  • Prefers part shade

Pack Contents: 6 x Super Plugs

Size: 15cm x 45cm

Height: 15cm

Flower Colour: Mixed


  • A great mix of 3 stunning colours
  • Better branching and larger flowers than most other Bacopa varieties
  • Great performance in recent trials
  • Create stunning displays in your patio baskets, containers or garden borders
  • Flowering all summer long
  • Easy to grow
  • 6 super plugs plants will be supplied

In the past Bacopa have almost been one of the unsung heroes of the summer basket or patio container displays. They have been used as a colourful filler plant to ensure these displays provide colour and interest all summer long and show off their companion plants. This is now changing and has been helped by new breeding. Breeders have worked hard to make them more showy and stand out on their own.

The Flowers have become bigger an even more impressive, the shear volume of flowers has increased and the shape and bushiness has just got better making them stand out and now often used as a standalone variety yet still looks great in mixed plantings as well where these vast improvements allow them to sparkle all summer long depending on personal preference. Enjoy the colour mix of this collection which has been chosen to look great whether you choose to plant them together in one display or compliment each other in multiple different displays.

How you will receive your plants:

Selected by our team of experts and sent from our nursery, you will receive your super plug plants in plug trays in a box. These are designed to keep your plants secure and to prevent damage in transit. Seedling plugs will require growing-on in larger pots.

Can’t plant straight away?

If you aren't able to pot your plugs up straight away then ensure they stay moist. You can place your plugs on a saucer or tray of shallow water so they are able to stay hydrated. Aim to have your plugs potted on within 3 days.

Planting tips and hints:

Potting super plugs on: On arrival place your plug trays in shallow water to allow them to soak ensuring the rootballs are moist. Use the end of a pencil or a narrow dibber to gently tease your plugs out of their trays. Choose potting on pots approximately 3 inches in diameter to plant your plugs on. Fill the pots with quality potting on compost and tap down until level. Use your pencil to make a hole in the top of the compost and place your plug plant in, gently pushing around the base of the plant. Repeat this process for all of your plugs and then place them in a tray and thoroughly water with a watering can using a fine rose to prevent the compost from being displaced. Grow your plants in a cold-frame, large sunny windowsill,  or greenhouse. Water every 2-3 days and more frequently if sunny to prevent drying out.

Hardening off:  Once your potted on plants reach a good size and are ready to plant out in their final location, the first step is to harden them off before moving them outdoors permanently. This involves simply placing them outdoors during the day and back undercover at night to allow them to get accustomed to the lower temperatures. Once they have been hardened off for a week your plants should be ready to plant out in their final location.

Planting in containers: Sprinkle a layer of stone or gravel in the bottom of the container to aid drainage. Use a high-quality young plant or general-purpose compost spaced evenly with enough space to allow the plants to grow. Mix in a slow-release granular fertiliser in the compost before placing the plant to provide plenty of nutrients. Water thoroughly once planted up. Continue to water every 3-5 days and don't allow the container to dry out.

Planting in the ground: Dig a hole approximately twice as deep and 3 times as wide as the plant, if your soil is heavy mix in general-purpose compost, horticultural sand and stone or potting grit to ensure good drainage. Gently compact the soil around the plant and water thoroughly.

Feeding and aftercare: When feeding use a liquid feed high in potash so it gets to the roots of the plant allowing them to absorb the feed.

*Planting and flowering months below are subject to seasonal weather conditions.

Growing Calendar

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