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Foliar Feed in powder form to dissolve in water and spray onto leaves of your favourite garden and house plants. Seaweed-based formula. Makes up to 800 litres.

Pack Contents: 1x 400g Tub


  • Natural seaweed based feed
  • Makes up to 800 litres
  • Promotes handsome harvests

The most effective foliar feed for fantastic crops. Spray onto plants to get nutrition straight to the leaves.

The natural, concentrated plant health booster Bio-Gro Black Gold is fully soluble in water for easy application- simply fill up a spray gun (if you use an old spray-gun cleaner make sure it is thoroughly rinsed out) and spray onto the upper and lower sides of the leaves of crops, especially for leafy crops like salads and cabbages.

From this 400g tub you have the potential to make up 800 litres of super-rich plant feed (weeks and weeks of feeding on an a 6x2ft plot.)

This seaweed-based fertiliser's rich, acid content stimulates soil micro-organisms improving soil structure and water-holding capabilities- great news for healthy roots which promote handsome harvests.

Why Bio-Gro Black Gold is indispensable:

Increases fertiliser uptake and reduces damage caused by chemical fertilisers.

Makes minerals and trace elements more available, enhancing plant health, correcting many plant health deficiencies.

Stimulates and enhances the immune systems of your developing crops, reducing the impact of insect and fungal attack and disease.

Increases anti-stress and natural repair capabilities, promoting healthy vigorous growth.

With plant growth regulators to face adverse weather conditions like drought head on.