Kent & Stowe Garden Life Digging Spade and Fork Duo

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A duo of well-made Kent and Stowe Garden Life gardening tools: this digging fork and digging spade set is quality-made and perfectly balanced for comfortable and on-going use. These tools are 40% lighter than Kent and Stowe originals and are practical and easy to use. Kent & Stowe Garden Life tools come with a 15 year guarantee.

Pack Contents: 1x Fork & 1x Spade

Height: 91.5cm / 36in


  • SAVE £10 with the spade and fork duo

These tools are lighter and smaller than Kent & Stowe original tools, designed to give maximum comfort and enjoyment from a more compact tool. They are perfect for working in smaller and tighter spaces and for those who simply want a lighter weight tool.

Wuth a comfortable YD-grip handle, it makes your Garden Life tools a pleasure to use and they hang conveniently on hooks to keep them in ship-shape for years.

Tools Features:

  • 40% lighter than Kent & Stowe full size tools
  • Practical and easy to use with increased maneuverability
  • High quality stainless steel head and pongs
  • Handle made from beautiful ash wood, split to form a traditional YD
  • Perfect for tighter spaces and beds and borders
  • Minimal soil adhesion

Digging Fork:

Improve and aerating soil, lifting potatoes and breaking up large soil clumps are made easy with Kent & Stowe’s light and functional quality Garden Life Digging Fork.

  • For digging, soil turning, improving drainage
  • L 91.5cm
  • Weight 1.07kg

Digging Spade:

Making planting holes and opening up the soil is easy with this dependable and durable tool, specially crafted to work well in small spaces. Comfortable and ergonomic.

  • For digging in beds and borders
  • Tread edge for added digging comfort
  • L 91.5cm
  • Weight 1.10kg

All Kent & Stowe Garden Life tools come with a 15-year guarantee.

*Compared to buying individually.