48-Hour express delivery on these double bags of compost

Our specially selected range has been chosen by our experts and offers something for every gardening job including ornamental plants & flowers, fruit & vegetables, and trees & shrubs. This offer applies to compost only orders placed Monday to Thursday.

Hassle-free delivery for the ultimate convenience.

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48-Hour Express Delivery is valid on compost ONLY orders between 1st March and 31st May 2021. Compost despatched within 2 working days. Applies to orders places Monday to Thursday only. Compost and some other large/heavy bagged products orders will be subject to a delivery multiplier in which orders containing 3 bags will be subject to an additional £4.99 charge, this will then increase by an additional £4.99 for every 2 bags added. This additional charge is automatically applied at checkout.

Offer applies to the following SKU's: 1090-4652, 1090-4665, 1090-4678, 1090-6210, 1090-4144 & 1090-4699.

*Applicable to orders only containing the selected lines only and placed Monday to Thursday. Terms & condition apply, read more details here.

A compost for every garden

Our wide range of compost includes multi-purpose for general gardening use as well as specialist ranges for growing specific types of fruit, veg, flowers, plants, shrubs and trees. We also offer peat free and peat-reduced composts to give you the very best choice for all your growing needs.

Our range is available in different pack sizes from 10 litre to 60 litre bags as well as our great value double bags, all delivered direct to your door for the ultimate convenience.

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