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Marshalls understand how important the right compost is in achieving the ultimate results in your garden. That’s why we select the very best for every compost need you have. Whether you’re growing top-quality vegetables, prized tomatoes, basket and container flowers or delicate seeds and bulbs, you’ll find exactly what you need.

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Peat Free

Give home-grown fruit and vegetable plants triple the goodness with this peat-free formulation.


Special plants need careful treatment and have specific needs. That’s why the compost experts at Westland have developed a range of dedicated composts for with the right mix of nutrients and benefits for each.

Multi Purpose

A multi-purpose compost is a growing media suitable for a wide range of gardening activities, including seed-sowing, potting and container planting.


Using seed compost & additives will enhance your germination success when growing from seed.

Expert Advice

February gardening jobs

February is the time where winter starts to fade and spring becomes closer.
The days start becoming longer, which is every gardener’s dream!
Temperatures can vary massively in February with the low temperatures being 0.5 ºC and the highest temperatures reaching 10 ºC.

A beginners guide to gardening

It’s so rewarding growing your own crops, with fresh and tasty produce harvested straight from your garden. But if you’re new to growing your own vegetables, you may be intimidated or unsure where to start or which crops to select.

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