How to Grow
Eremurus (Foxtail Lily)

Optimum Planting Time: September – November
Flowers: June - July
Height: 1.2m (47in)

Where to plant

Commonly known as the Foxtail Lily, Eremurus originate from dry grasslands and
desert conditions so need to be planted in a site with soil that has good drainage and a sunny
position to flower well.

How to plant in the ground

1. When the spider shaped crowns arrive, they may be brittle, so we recommend soaking them
in water for a couple of hours before planting.
2. Prepare your planting site with a high-quality garden compost.
3. Plant the crowns approximately 10cm below the surface of your well drained soil in a hole
that is wider than the tentacle like roots.
4. Space the crowns out by 30-90cm depending on the size of the crown.

How to plant in containers

Eremurus is not well suited for long-term container growing due to the size of the crowns.


1. Feed with a high potassium fertiliser, such as potash or sulphate, once a month in late spring
and summer.
2. Keep well-watered and ensure that the plants do not dry out when in leaf. When dormant
in summer, leave to thrive in dry conditions.
3. If your Eremurus grows early in the season, protect with fleece or a cloche to prevent late
frost damage.
4. Eremurus may require staking depending on height and position; take care not to damage
the roots when inserting cane support.
5. Once flowering has finished, cut the flower spike at the base, and wait for foliage to die
naturally before removing.
6. Mature Eremurus clumps can be divided once flowers and foliage has died off.

Pests and Diseases

Eremurus is generally disease free but can be susceptible to slugs and snails. To prevent your plants
being eaten, create a natural barrier made from copper tape, bark mulch, eggshells, or a nematode
biological control can be used.

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