How to Grow
Erythronium (Dog's Tooth Violet)

Optimum Planting Time: September – November
Flowers: March - April
Height: 30cm (12in)

Where to plant

Commonly known as dog’s tooth violet, Erythronium is a shade-loving plant and flourishes in cool, damp conditions. It thrives in moist but well-drained soil.

How to plant in the ground

1. Choose a sheltered, shady site to plant your Erythronium bulbs. They don’t like being disturbed once planted, so make sure to pick the right spot.

2. Plant the bulbs as soon as you receive them to prevent them drying out.

3. Prepare the soil for planting by digging in leafmould or compost.

4. Using a trowel or bulb planter, dig holes about 10-15cm deep, spaced approximately 10cm apart. Place a bulb in each hole with the pointed end facing upwards.

5. Fill the holes with soil and water well to settle the soil around the bulbs.

How to plant in containers

1. Choose a container with good drainage holes and fill with it compost mixed with grit.

2. Plant the bulbs 10-15cm deep and 10cm apart, with the pointed tips facing upwards.

3. After planting, water well to settle the compost around the bulbs and place in a sheltered spot.


1. After planting, the bulbs can be left to their own devices over winter.

2. Once the shoots appear, water if necessary to keep the soil moist.

3. There is no need to deadhead faded flowers. Allow the foliage to die back naturally.

Pests and Diseases

Erythroniums are generally trouble free and easy to grow. Poorly drained soil may cause bulbs to rot, and the plants may be attacked by slugs and aphids. Use deterrents such as environmentally-friendly slug pellets or nematodes to control slugs, and warm soapy water to get rid of aphids.

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