Care & advice for your September garden


September is perhaps one of the busiest months of the year in the garden!

As the garden glows in hues of red, orange and gold and the temperature starts to drop, it’s all hands to the pump in September as you start to clear the beds, harvest the veg and get ready for winter. It’s time to plant autumn and winter veg, lay new turf, lift bulbs and do any essential greenhouse maintenance. You may have to dodge the showers later on in the month but that’s no excuse – there’s far too much to do to sit indoors with your feet up! Here’s our guide to what to do in the garden in September

Essential Jobs for September

Spring Bulbs

Plant spring bulbs such as fritillaries, daffodils and crocuses, but wait until November to plant tulips.

Plant up

Plant up containers with viola and wallflowers for autumn colour.


Treat Vegetable
Beds and Borders

Treat veg beds and borders to deter pests over the more rain filled months.



Sow lawn seed now, before the temperatures drop. Remember to keep off new lawns for a few weeks while they are getting established. Rake, aerate and feed existing lawns, and tackle moss with a moss treatment like Westland Moss Master.


Now’s a good time to plant perennials, shrubs and trees, while the soil is still warm. Plant some late-flowering plants like sedums, salvias and asters to support the bees and other pollinators.


Plant autumn hardy
onions, shallots & garlic

Now is the time to plant autumn-hardy onion, shallot and garlic sets.




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Flower Beds & Borders


Plant autumn bulbs like nerines and colchicums.
Bulbs grow wonderfully in pots & planters, so ensure to grow in a good quality rich soil.
Get your flower bulbs off to a great start by selecting a rich soil. We also have all of the essential accessories you need to plant & pot.

Hardy Annuals

Sow biennials in preparation for next year, including foxgloves, dianthus, and wallflowers.  
Biennials are fast-growing plants that flower prolifically over a long period.
See our full range of Biennials you can plant out this month, including, Pansy, Delphinium, Viola & Lavander varieties

Dahlias &

Feed dahlias fortnightly with a high-potash liquid feed to encourage masses of beautiful blooms.
Ensure to deadhead repeat flowering roses to keep them flowering.
Feed your flowers with a premium solution developed to grow even more flowers than other plant feeds available now.

Lavender &

Pick Lavender for lavender bags to perfume your wardrobes.
Cut flowers early in the day before the essential oils burn off in the sun, although leave some flowers for the butterflies & bees for a healthy productive garden.
Invest in a sharp pair of hand pruners which are essential for preening your garden.

Geraniums, Delphiniums
& Climbers

Cut back hardy geraniums and delphiniums for a second flowering in late summer.  
Divide overgrown clumps of bearded iris. Climbers will have alot of foliage & will require tying for support.
Find our selection of plant supports for your graceful giants, available now.

Vegetables & Fruits


Leeks should be ready to harvest now.
See our range of spades, forks, hand tools like trowels & secateurs to harvest.


Cut back
Pumpkins & Squash

Cut back the leaves of squashes and pumpkins so the fruit can ripen fully in the autumn
See our range of spades, forks, hand tools like trowels & secateurs to harvest.

Net leafy

Net leafy brassicas like kale, chard and Brussels sprouts to protect them from hungry birds.
Try 'Marshalls Liquid Tomato Feed' for juicier and tastier tomatoes.

Sow Green

Sow green manure on empty beds to keep nutrients from washing out of the soil over winter

Pick Courgettes, Sweetcorn, Cucumbers & Chillies

Pick courgettes regularly to encourage more growth & watch out for pests.
We have an extensive range of pest repellants available from natural to organic.


Finish harvesting rhubarb now so the plants can build up their reserves for next year.
Use rich fertilizers for
healthy rhubarb plants for next year's bounty.


Cabbage white caterpillars can devastate a crop, check and remove affected leaves.
Prevent cabbage white butterflies, caterpillar & aphid damage with our range or repellents.

Apples, Pears and Plums

✔ Harvest apples, pears and plums, and pick up windfalls..
We have a great range of tools available including our long handled pruner for easy reach picking.

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