Gardman Wild Bird Seed Storage Tin


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Bird seed storage tin with air tight lid for 15kg bird food made from heavy duty metal and steel handles. H37cm, diameter 36cm

Pack Contents: 1x Storage Tin


  • Holds up to 15kg bird seed
  • Made from heavy duty metal with steel handle
  • With air-tight lid
  • Keep contents fresh, dry and disease free
  • H37cm, diameter 36cm

Store your bird food in this decorative and practical bird seed storage tin, particularly useful for housing large sacks of bird food and keeping it fully fresh for months, dry and free of disease.

With air-tight lid easy to open and close your bird food remains clean and safe from vermin and air-borne diseases so you’re safe in the knowledge your garden birds get the best quality food.

The tin is ideal for storing pet food too, keeping the contents equally fresh. On the exterior you’ll find a handy hook on which to hang a scoop.

We recommend you don’t lift the tin up by the handles when the tin is full, and rather carry by the base if you need to transport it.