Broccoli Seeds - Early Purple Sprouting Blend



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The best new Broccoli Sprouting varieties maturing from January (in early seasons) to April. A top quality blend and a marked improvement on older strains.

Key Features

  • Prefers full sun

Pack Contents: 400x Broccoli Seeds

Size: Sufficient for 50ft / 15m Row


  • Extra-long harvesting period
  • Full of vitamins A and C
  • Easy to grow

Grow Broccoli Early Purple so you can enjoy an extra-long harvesting period of tasty multi-headed broccolis that are brimming with health benefits. Just one portion a day gives you 50% of your daily requirements of carotenoids, folic acid and vitamins A and C.

These nutrients and vitamins might not mean much but they all work together to strengthen your immune system during winter when colds and flus are rife and they help to up well-being.

This is top-quality modern cross, improved on older strains and bred to be ready from as early as November when you sow in April. This gives you a full winter’s crop to keep you supplied with mood-enhancing vegetables – great for those with seasonal-affected disorder (SAD).

We recommend you succession-sow through spring to give you continual supplies as opposed to a glut all at once- though Early Purple is suitable for freezing if you have the freezing space.

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