Cara Seed Potatoes


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Cara seed potatoes produce beautifully rounded pink and white tubers, heavy cropper, excellent for long storage. Good blight resistance.

Key Features

  • Disease resistant
  • Prefers full sun

Pack Contents: 2kg Pack (25-30 Tubers)


  • Exhibit-worthy
  • Stores well through winter
  • Blight resistant

A traditional much-loved variety with handsomely rounded, smooth pink and white tubers with floury white flesh. These potatoes are smooth with shallow eyes, making it perfect for the show-bench if you like to exhibit your vegetables.

Even if they don't get to the show bench you can rely on a heavy cropper, excellent for long storage.

Showing good blight resistance you are safe in the knowledge you'll get unblemished potatoes, be it a good summer or a wet and windy one.

We recommend you plant this maincrop potato from late March in the South and mid to late April in the North.

Lift for storage in September and enjoy a stock of tasty potatoes in autumn and winter.

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