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Carrot Nantes is a very early and tender carrot variety, they have a long, cylindrical stump root. Grow your own Carrots with Marshalls Seeds superb range online.

Key Features

  • Prefers full sun

Pack Contents: 2,600x Carrot Seeds


  • Uniform growth and handsome roots
  • Fast-maturing and stands well in the ground
  • Ready to harvest from as early as June

Get Carrot Nantes 2 for your garden and reap the rewards of handfuls of carrots from as early as June. Nantes 2 is an early summer variety with long cylindrical stump-rooted carrots, easy for harvesting and preparing in the kitchen as well as being uniform and handsome.

A fast maturing, very early and tender variety with little fibrous core makes for a palatable carrot. With a sweet taste and unique flavour Nantes 2 is a variety we would recommend you to sow as early as February under protection which can be as simple as covering with a sheet of horticultural fleece.

With myriad seeds in every packet you make huge savings, avoiding buying heavy carrots from the supermarket which are often plastic-packed and can cause them to sweat ruining their flavour. Enjoy growing carrot Nantes 2 at home for great earthy flavour, a sense of reward and a much lower carbon footprint.

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