Concentrated Soft Fruit Feed - Pre-planting



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Concentrated soft fruit feed for enriching your soil before planting. Specially formulated for soft fruit like strawberries and blackberries. 1 x 800g tub

Pack Contents: 1x 700g Tub


  • Feeds all season
  • Improves fruit and yield
  • Fast-acting

Specially formulated for fruit-bearing crops like blueberries, blackberries and strawberries this pre-planting fruit fertiliser has a high level of potassium which boosts flowering and fruiting for impressive harvests.

This concentrated slow-release fertiliser works over a long period of time and contains nutrients to bring on healthy growth and a good tolerance to disease.

Particularly helpful over periods of drought or summers that are wet and cold and prone to bring on grey mould and other diseases.

Supplied in a re-sealable tub your pre-planting Fruit Fertiliser has a handy re-sealable sprinkler dispenser for easy pouring. Lasts well and stores well in a cool, dark place like a garden shed.

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