Dwarf Water Lily Pygmaea Alba - 1Ltr Potted Pond Plant


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A striking white miniature water lily, perennial Nymphaea Pygmaea Alba is ideal for small ponds and garden water features.

Key Features

  • Loved by pollinators
  • Hardy perennial
  • Prefers full sun

Pack Contents: 1x 1Ltr Potted Pond Plant

Size: Depth: 5-30cm / 2-12in

Height: Up To: 10cm / 4in


  • Pure white water lily with yellow pollen heads, flowering every summer
  • Add flower colour to your garden pond
  • Dwarf variety suitable for small water features like the Corinthian Bowl
  • Arrives to your home in 1 litre pot, ready to put in your pond straight away

A miniature water lily, great for adding to small ponds up to around 1 square metre (1 square yard). This pretty pond plant adds to a water feature like a pond or is perfect in a Corinthian bowl filled with water. This water lily won’t take over; it’s keeps to just the right size for a small pond.

The pure-white petals go so well with the central pollen heads. Every summer the flowers increase the visual impact of your pond. The flowers appear from late spring and last through the summer, attracting dragonflies and damselflies. In winter the water lilies sink to the bottom of the pond, remaining dormant and then reappear once again the next summer.

We suggest that you place the water lilies into the water so that the lily pads rest on the surface of the water. Prop up your pots on some bricks if you need be, so the lilies are at the right height.

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