French Bean (Dwarf) Voltage seeds



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Pack of 160 quality seeds will produce high-yielding crops of sweet yellow French Bean pods in summer. Easy-grow variety.

Key Features

  • F1 Hybrid variety
  • Perfect for pots and containers

Pack Contents: 160x French Bean Seeds


  • Attractive yellow pods
  • Sweet tasting
  • Easy grow and harvesting

With eye-catching yellow pods and a delicious taste, try planting French Bean Dwarf Voltage seeds for a rich and exciting crop in the summer. French beans are a staple of many British kitchen gardens and allotments, complimenting other crops well and being a reliable vegetable season after season.

This pack of French Bean Dwarf Voltage seeds contains around 160 seeds, giving you a plentiful return after sowing. We suggest planting seeds 2inches (5cm) deep in suitable module trays or pots, in potting compost that’s pre-watered and kept warm indoors in April to May. The seeds can usually be sown outdoors after May.

French Bean Dwarf Voltage offers attractive yellow pods that are vibrant and enjoy an upright plant habit. This makes them easier for harvesting, which you can expect to be between June and September, and that pods reach around 7inches (15cm0 in length.

Adults and children will enjoy the sweet taste of French Bean Dwarf Voltage each summer and as an easy-grow variety, all the family can get involved in helping them mature and reach the dinner plate.

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