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This Gooseberry Collection consists of 1 Bush each of Hinnonmaki Yellow, Invicta and Hinnonmaki for a collection of multi-coloured flavoursome fruit

Pack Contents: 3x Gooseberry Bushes, 1x of Each Variety


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Get hold of this collection of gooseberry varieties for fruit in three different colours; green, red and yellow. In different colours gooseberries have subtly different flavours and different health benefits, intensified by ripening naturally in the sun.

This Gooseberry Collection consists of three varieties; one bush each of:

  • Hinnonmaki: Sweet and yellow
  • Invicta: Tart and with body
  • Hinnonmaki Red: Large and refreshing

Supplied to you as bare-rooted two-year old bushes on a sturdy leg and two strong branches attached, it is ready trained to produce healthy frameworks full of fruit.

All three of your varieties establish quickly and begin fruiting in the second year, producing 2-2.5kg (5-6 lbs) on every bush which will give you fruit for at least 10 years. If growing multiple collections allow for planting 1.8m (6ft) apart with 1.2m (4ft) between the rows.

Gooseberry Pax and Xenia are protected by Plant Variety Rights and cannot be propagated even for own use and resold without licence.

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