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Holiday Indoor Plant-Saver - Organic Self-Watering Kit

Plant Savers

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Get peace of mind with the Holiday plant Saver – an innovative self-watering system which keeps indoor pot-plants organically watered for at least 2 weeks.

Pack Contents: 1x 3 self-watering kits

Size: 30cm x 15cm (12in x 6in)


Get peace of mind with the Holiday Plant Saver – a really easy way to keep indoor pot-plants organically watered for at least 2 weeks. No need to bother family or friends!

Brilliant to keep all manner of houseplants well-watered for up to fourteen days, including leafy tropical plants, indoor ivies, cyclamen, poinsettias and ferns and many more. Unsuitable for bonsai, orchids and cacti.

For medium houseplants in pots with diameter 7.5-15cm (3-6in)

Simply open the pouch along the top where marked. Add the sachet of powder and fill with water. The solution turns into a gel. Now just place your pot plant into the pouch and leave in a spot out of the full sun. The gel releases moisture gradually and in a controlled way so your plant doesn’t receive all the water at once but gradually as and when it needs it.

For large houseplants in pots with diameter up to 30cm (12in)

Open two pouches and create gel solutions using the sachets and water. Spoon the gel from both pouches onto the top of the surface of the compost of the large pots.

You can leave for a holiday any time of the year, knowing your plants have all they need in the way of watering for up to two weeks.


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