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Pick up this cotton twine collection box which includes 3 different traditionally striped twine rolls made with 100% natural cotton. Perfect for several home and garden uses as well as a great gift.

Pack Contents: Cotton Twine Set


Enjoy our Dig for Victory Cotton Twine Set that contains three spools of twine in stripes of white and blue, red and grey.

Made with 70% cotton and 30% polyester this strong and attractive is useful for a range of home hobbies including jam-making and sealing jars, flower-arranging, gift wrapping and a range of other pastimes. The twine is perfect for tying up climbers too like honeysuckle and crops like runner beans.

Kent & Stowe in partnership with IWM have designed a range of quality gardening gifts that pays tribute to the civilians of Great Britain during the Second World War who were called upon to become self-sufficient and ‘Dig for Victory’.

IWM records and tells the stories of those who have lived, fought and died in conflict since 1914. Your purchase ensures these stories are heard.

The Dig for Victory Cotton Twine Set forms part of the unique Dig for Victory collection from Kent & Stowe. The collection has been inspired by British civilians who were called upon to become self-sufficient and ‘Dig for Victory’ in the Second World War.

  • Beautifully gift-packaged
  • Part of the Dig for Victory gift collection from Kent & Stowe
  • Ornately packaged using newly digitalised images from Imperial War Museums’ (IWM) vast collections
  • With interesting facts offering an insight into life on the Home Front
  • With FREE authentic World War II gardening tips and recipes from the Ministry of Food and Agriculture

In your Dig for Victory Twine Set:

Three 50m length spools of traditional striped twine made with 70% cotton and 30% polyester in three beautiful colours of striped cotton twine in patriotic grey, red and blue & free authentic wartime recipes and gardening tips.