Kent & Stowe Midnight Blue Metal Watering Can - 4.5 Ltr

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This beautiful midnight blue watering can is powder coated to provide a long life and glossy finish. It holds an impressive 9 litres of water and is ideal for watering both indoors and outdoors

Pack Contents: 1 x 4.5 ltr Metal Watering Can

Size: 4.5 litres


  • Resistant galvanised steel.
  • Glossy deep blue powder coat finish.
  • Beautiful handcrafted.
  • 4.5 Ltr capacity

This watering can is handcrafted and has a beautifully refined finish.

Powder coat painted to provide long life and glossy finish.

Small size holding 4.5 litres of water which makes it perfect for watering both indoors and outdoors.

Made from durable and strong galvanised steel for rust resistance.