Lonicera caerulea Honeybee - Honeyberry 3x 9cm



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Get 3 Lonicera caerulea Honeybee plants for tall, hardy shrubs with fragrant white flowers every spring, turning into tasty berries in summer.

Key Features

  • Loved by pollinators
  • Hardy perennial
  • Prefers full sun

Pack Contents: 3x 9cm potted plants

Height: 1.8m (6ft)


  • Ornamental and productive fruiting shrubs
  • Grow well whatever the soil
  • Give your garden structure and visual interest
  • Juicy blueberry-like fruit with a pleasantly tart aftertaste
  • 3 x 9cm potted plant delivered to your door, ready for planting

Try Lonicera caerulea Honeybee (Honeyberry) in your allotment or garden; a free-fruiting shrub that is extra hardy through the winter down to -40⁰C (-40⁰F). A rare alternative to other soft fruit like blueberry plants, variety Honeybee rewards you with fruit every year.

The fruit is up there with blueberries in juiciness but is slightly tarter in taste with a more astringent aftertaste. Before fruiting in summer honeyberry plants give you a flush of fragrant white flowers in spring.

As a tall shrub Lonicera caerulea is an ideal variety to add structure and height to your garden. It also brings in important pollinating insects like bees and hoverflies. These insects stick around to pollinate nearby strawberries, fruit blossoms and fruiting vegetables.

We suggest you let your shrubs establish in their first and second year. Just sit back and enjoy watching your shrubs settle in. In the third year prune your plant to keep them healthy. Prune a third of the older stems right down to soil level, and lightly prune the side shoots all over to encourage further fruiting stems.

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