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Osmanthus x burkwoodii - 3 Ltr



Catalogue Code: 5140-5710

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A large evergreen shrub with masses of very sweetly scented white flowers in spring. Undemanding, very low-maintenance and can be grown as a hedge.

Key Features

  • Hardy perennial
  • Prefers full sun

Pack Contents: 1 x 3 Ltr Potted Shrub

Size: Fully established spread: 3m

Height: Fully established: 3m


  • Scented white flowers in spring
  • Evergreen shrub
  • Can be trimmed to shape

Osmanthus x burkwoodii is an undemanding evergreen shrub that grows well in shade and in difficult areas, bursting into bloom in spring with masses of highly fragrant white flowers. It can be trimmed to shape and makes a good hedging plant.

Plant in sun or light shade. If growing as a hedge, trim after flowering. (Check hedges for nests before trimming and never disturb nesting birds.) Mulch well with compost or well-rotted farmyard manure in spring.

How your plants arrive

You will receive an Osmanthus plant in a 3-litre growers pot ready to plant out in the final location or to pot up into a large container. 

Can’t plant straight away?

If you cannot plant up your potted shrub straight away into their permanent position make sure you keep the soil in the grower's pot moist and place it in a sunny position.

You can place your plant on a saucer or tray of shallow water so the plant is able to stay hydrated. Look to planting in its permanent position within 5-7 days.


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