Pumpkin Spellbound F1 Hybrid Seeds


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Sow these Pumpkin Spellbound Seeds in pots or trays filled with compost before planting outdoors. When large enough, grow them in your plot and harvest amazing crops of tasty, fresh and healthy produce.

Key Features

  • F1 Hybrid variety

Pack Contents: 11x Pumpkin Seeds


  • Fleshy, tasty and large pumpkins
  • Weed-smothering leaves
  • Uniform growth

Grow pumpkin Spellbound in your plot for large, orange globes, uniform in shape and size and satisfyingly fleshy.

Its orange colour and size makes this the perfect variety for traditional Halloween pumpkins. Growing them yourself means that you need not lug heavy pumpkins at the supermarket or shop back home.

These semi-bush plants produce bright orange fruit weighing in at up to an impressive 3.5kg (8lb) each! The flesh is firm and tasty.

We recommend you treat your plants to rich, moist soil and incorporate organic matter before planting time. As pumpkins grow they form a canopy of leaves which help to keep weeds down.

Growing Calendar

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How to Guide

Sowing Indoors

Sow indoors in pots from mid-March. Plant out after last frost, 3ft/90cm apart or, sow 2 seeds direct per station, 2ft/60cm apart from mid-May.