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Spot weeding your lawn is easy with Resolva Lawn Weedkiller, and there's no need to worry about catching the grass! Resolva Lawn Weed Killer is selective, meaning it will only kill broad-leaved weeds.

Pack Contents: 1 x 500ml Concentrate


Finally a weedkiller that is safe to use on your lawn!

Spot weeding your lawn is easy with Resolva Lawn Weedkiller. Selective in its design it only kills broad-leaved weeds, such as clover, daisy and dandelion without harming the grass.

Just one 500ml bottle will treat a huge 250 square metres of grass.

Suitable for application with a watering can or for best results use, our 7 litre compression sprayer.

Use from April to September on your lawns. Resolva breaks down in the soil naturally but children & pets should be away from any sprayed area until they dry.

Contains; 2,4-D, MCPA, Mecoprop-P & dicamba.

Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.