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Sow these Runner Bean - Enorma Seeds in a glasshouse to give them all they need. Plant out into final position when big enough and watch them yield amazing crops of tasty, fresh and healthy produce.

Key Features

  • Prefers full sun

Pack Contents: 50 Seeds Sufficient for 20ft / 6m Row


  • Impressive lengths
  • 50 seeds for potentially hundreds of beans
  • Pick pods large or small to suit

Much-loved by home growers this runner bean has lots of flavour, is truly vigorous, gives you lots of harvests and has impressive in length.

A truly handsome bean, Enorma has purple pods and reveals pretty, red flowers which turn into smooth, slender pods that grow up to 50cm (20in) in length.

Enorma by name and nature this award winning variety give you very big beans suitable for freezing. It's so good that runner bean Enorma has been a popular choice for exhibiting. Even if yours don't get to the showbench you'll be showing off the beans in your garden.

Enjoy harvesting lots of beans with great flavour as early as August. This variety is ready in the space of 12 to 16 weeks from sowing in spring. Pick them young if you like your runner beans tender or leave them to age a little longer on plants if you prefer your beans with a bit more bite.

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