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Sempervivum 'Coral Red' - 3 x 4.5cm Plants



Catalogue Code: 5140-5315

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An eye-catching small succulent with rosettes of rich red leaves. Easy to grow and spectacular in containers or rock gardens.

Key Features

  • Hardy perennial
  • Prefers full sun

Pack Contents: 3 x 4.5cm Potted Plants

Size: 15cm/6in


  • Colourful rosettes of rich red leaves
  • Hardy and drought-tolerant once established
  • Good for containers

Sempervivum 'Coral Red' is an eye-catching small succulent with rosettes of rich red leaves. Coping well with both cold winters and hot dry summers, this tough, drought-tolerant succulent is easy to grow and looks spectacular in containers or rock gardens.

Plant in very well-drained soil or in a container filled with a 3:1 mix of John Innes no 3 compost and horticultural grit. Make sure the container has good drainage holes. Water regularly while plants are settling in. Once established, natural rainfall should provide enough water except in very dry periods when additional watering may be needed. Feed once a year in spring with a balanced liquid feed.


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