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These strawberry plant supports will prevent mildew and mould from attacking your home grown strawberries by raising them off the soil. Pack of 5

Pack Contents: 5 supports


  • Harvest clean, evenly ripened fruit
  • Protects fruit from wet soil
  • Decreases chance of mould and mildew

This brilliant set of 5 Strawberry Supports is the perfect solution to stop the risk of mildew and mould destroying your strawberry harvests, letting you enjoy more of your hard work.

Made from durable and long lasting plastic, simply clip the semi-circular grids underneath your young plants and secure in the ground on their supporting legs.

They are so easy to install on established fruits and will raise your strawberries 8cm off of the ground. This will help to allow the air to circulate which in turn helps to minimize rot. It is an easy way to help protect your soft fruit.