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Tayberry Buckingham Thornless is a vigorous and productive fruit, producing high yields of sweet aromatic berries from July onwards.

Pack Contents: 1x 2L Potted Tayberry Plant


  • Satisfying blackberry and raspberry cross
  • Fully hardy in the UK
  • Comfortable harvesting from thorn-free stems

Vigorous Tayberry Buckingham Thornless produces high yields of sweet aromatic berries from July onwards for satisfying summer fruit with the flavour of blackberries and bite of raspberries.

Train your plant up a wall or trellis and expect up to (20lb) 9kg of delicious fruit from the second season on.

Variety Buckingham lacks the abundant thorns of the common Tayberry, making picking much easier than from standard thorny varieties.

We recommend for store excess harvests in the freezer where they keep well. The freezing process has been said to accentuate flavour.

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