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Buy Veg Trug Replacement Liner Medium 1.8m so you can ensure your crops get the best root environment for healthy growth and successful fruiting.

Pack Contents: 1x Medium Replacement Liner (Vegtrug not included)

Size: 40cm x 180cm x 76cm


Easy to attach, you can buy this effective replacement liner individually. The liner is custom fit for Medium Veg Trug and retains soil so you can rest assured you have adequate soil for your growing plants all season long.

The specialised fabric liner not only retains soil but also allows good drainage after you have watered your crops, so there’s no danger of surplus water rotting roots.

The liner also allows good aeration so that plenty of oxygen gets into the soil, so roots have the best access to both oxygen and soil water.

With this kind of soil environment, your crops will have the most robust roots which promote great plant growth and optimum flowering and fruiting.

*Vegtrug not included. Please note liner colour may be black or white.

Please Note: This Medium replacement liner will only fit the Medium VegTrug.