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Keep wasps away with this effective decoy which looks just like a rival nest to passing wasps. Hang up where you’re dining outdoors so you can enjoy your time outdoors in peace.

Pack Contents: 2x wasp deterrents per pack

Size: H 30cm, W 38cm


Deter interfering wasps with this decoy which mimics a rival nest to wasps on the wing. Hang up where you’re eating al fresco so you can enjoy your time outdoors in peace.

No chemicals means you don’t have to deal with strong chemical smells or chemicals near food and you know you won’t need to deal with dead wasp carcasses.

Directions for use come included on pack

Ideas of where to place your two waspinators:

  • On a sun umbrella near to where you are eating outdoors.
  • Under a tree
  • Around the eaves of your house or garage
  • On children’s play areas
  • On caravans or tents when holidaying
  • On a fruit tree branch