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Winter Wren Bird House In A Giftbox

Fallen Fruit


Catalogue Code: 8060-5614

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This bird house provides shelter for wrens in bad weather and a safe nesting place in spring. Well-ventilated and easy to clean, with drainage holes and a sloping roof to keep off the rain.

Pack Contents: 1x Bird House in a Gift Box

Size: 14,1x15,4x21,2 cm


  • Easy access for small birds
  • Safe nesting space hidden inside nester
  • Can be easily hung in hedges or trees
  • Includes hand-woven wreath that can be decorated

Winter wrens, better known in the UK simply as wrens, will love this specially designed bird house, which provides shelter in bad weather and a safe nesting place in spring.

18mm thick walls and a sloping, overhanging roof keep birds warm and dry in bad weather, while ventilation holes let fresh air in and prevent overheating. The base of the box has four drainage holes and the hinged front panel allows easy access for cleaning. The inner sides are roughened to help young birds climb out of the box.

Place the box in a hedge or among shrubs below a height of 2m (6.5ft), facing north or east so that it is out of strong sunlight. Make sure the birds have a clear flight path to the box.

Clean out after breeding season is over.

Comes in a gift box.


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