7ltr Compression Pressure Sprayer



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When it comes to spraying you want equipment that will give you outstanding results and this one results and this one certainly delivers on quality, practicality and ease of use.

Pack Contents: 1x 7L Sprayer


This pressure sprayer won our office competition 4 years in a row as our favourite all round garden accessory.

Weeds are the bane of our lives and it has saved us back ache, wasted time and effort in helping to clear our paths and patios.

Staff that ride mountain bikes also advise that it’s also a very handy for cleaning mud & grass off equipment.

With 5 litres of liquid capacity its practical and easy to use, thanks to its translucent tank, easy to fill funnel-shaped mouth, strong carrying straps and an additional handle.

You can’t over-pressurise the tank thanks to its built in safety valve and you can reach almost anywhere in the garden thanks to the fibre glass lance and adjustable nozzle.