Horticultural Sand 20kg


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Horticultural Sand (20kg) allows for easy transplanting and improving lawn drainage, aids cutting establishment and aeration, reduces root damage during pricking out and breaks up heavy soils.

Pack Contents: 1x 20kg Bag


Horticultural Sand has a variety of essential uses and helps root health in almost all applications. Many plants demand improved drainage over and above the normal. For example some seeds need stimulation to germinate and a gritty, sandy growing medium abrades the seed surface and encourages roots to grow into the compost. Many plants can be increased by taking cuttings, but hardwood material that takes longer to form roots may need additional stimulation. Add Horticultural Sand to your cuttings compost and the abrasive action of the sand on the stems will encourage faster and better roots to form. Compacted lawns become waterlogged and this leads to root damage. By aerating the lawn and brushing Horticultural Sand into the resulting holes, you can improve the drainage of the lawn and enhance the root health of the individual grass plants.

  • For easy transplanting and improving lawn drainage

  • Aids cutting establishment and aeration

  • Reduces root damage during pricking out

  • Breaks up heavy soils

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