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This high-quality hand tool for gardening and home-growing creates an effective working soil for your beds. With swan-neck design your hand hoe creates an effective soil quickly and efficiently when weeding and creating a tilth. 15 years guarantee, strong

Pack Contents: 1 Onion Hoe


  • 15 year guarantee
  • Double-riveted blade for strength
  • Comfortable ashwood handle
  • Create a working tilth in no time

Enjoy home-growing with this beautiful hand hoe, quality-assured and with embossed Kent & Stowe logo. Double riveted stainless steel blade ensures extra durability and has swan-neck design for the most efficient weeding and soil cultivation.

The ergonomic ashwood handle makes long-term use a pleasure; with leather suede strap your onion hoe hangs up in the shed - very handy.

Useful tip

We recommend you clean the blade with a formulated cleaner like Burgon & Ball White Oil. Grab a clean cloth to clean and buff up the stainless steel for even longer-lasting performance.

Dimensions: 34cm (13 ½ in)